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Certain Victory

What a stimulating experience Dr. Slater gave us as he guided us through the book of Revelation!

Someone asked me, "What do you think is the message of Revelation for today's Christian?" This reminds me of a story a pastor told about his church's janitor. The janitor sat on the floor of the hallway as a biblical scholar walked past. The scholar noticed that the janitor was reading the book of Revelation and said to him, "If you would like to know what Revelation says, then please join us in our seminar." The custodian replied, "I already know what it says." The surprised scholar said, "You do? Then what is the message of Revelation?" The janitor replied, "The message of Revelation is, 'We win!'"

The Lord knows that each human being has a dominant emotion by which one lives. Regardless of circumstances, joy, hope, melancholy, or despair sits on the throne of a person's heart and establishes the atmosphere in which that person lives. Being persecuted for his faith,  John was thrown into a pot of boiling oil! He escaped, but was recaptured. The king decided to exile John on a desolate island where he would die slowly, isolated from society. If this were to happen to us, how would we feel? Not doubt, we would be feeling sorry for ourselves and "down in the dumps." But John was living in joy! Why? Because he had seen a vision that filled his heart with hope!  And that is, in essence, the message of Revelation—hope! God wants us to look to the future with hope! No matter your present circumstances, let hope sit on the throne of your heart.

So spread the word to a hurting world! We Christians win in the end.

And the way to get folks attention is to live in hope and joy!

With you in this certain victory,

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