Christ Church Cairo

Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Meet Our Family

We are unique. We are a church without walls, both literally and spiritually. Currently, we meet in a home. We do not define a church building as our church. Like the New Testament, we define the people of God as His Church—filled and guided by His Holy Spirit.

We are unique. We are Baptists with arms open to everyone. We believe that Jesus Christ is Savior of all who call upon Him as well as Lord of our  everyday living. We are committed to timeless Baptist  principles and follow the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. We enjoy being affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance and its 210 million (approximately) members world-wide. We find rich meaning in financially supporting the Baptist World Alliance, the Georgia and National Cooperative Baptist Fellowships, and other missionaries as the Holy Spirit leads us.

We are unique. We offer one-on-one discipleship. Following Jesus' admonition to "make disciples..." (Matthew 28:19), we offer to anyone who is interested the privilege of meeting with a spiritual mentor for one hour per week for six to twelve months. After the completion of this spiritual training, the newly discipled Christian is expected to go and "make disciples."

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