Christ Church Cairo

Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Pursuing Our Vision

After celebrating a wonderful missions offering that we gave to support our state missions, we celebrated, at Easter, that the tomb is empty and our hearts are filled with hope as we face the future. As we face our future, allow me to remind you of our founding focus as a mission church. Our three-fold reason for beginning our work was: 1) to reclaim disenfranchised Baptist believers who felt that they had no where to call home in our area; 2) to create an income stream for moderate Baptist causes, from southwest Georgia, for missions efforts throughout the world; 3) to "make disciples" of the next generation. Just as an auto factory makes cars and a tooth pick factory makes tooth picks, a church makes disciples. According to Jesus' teaching in Matthew 28:18-20, His Church's first priority is to "make disciples."  We have focused well and worked hard on priorities one and two. Now, as we look to the future, our next challenge is to focus on priority three: making disciples of the next generation. Looking at the big picture, churches are dying, across America, at an increasing rate. Religious researches say the reason for membership loss is that most churches have lost sight of the first priority of the Church: make disciples. In the 'Show-Time' environment of our religious culture, getting young people's attention and inviting them to study and to live by the teachings of Jesus is challenging. And yet, this is exactly what Jesus is commanding us to do. Is it easy? No. Is it frustrating? At times, Yes. It is rewarding? Absolutely!  We have been rewarded a grant to help us reach the next generation. Let's find a fruitful way to use the funds to draw others to the feet of Jesus. If you have some ideas, then please share them with our leadership team. Together, let's find immeasurable meaning in pursuing Jesus' number one priority for His Church.

Planting Seeds,


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