Christ Church Cairo

Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

A Word from Ron

A lot of positive things have been happening over the summer. First, we have secured Dr. David Odom from Duke Divinity School to give us feedback on how to become more effective in reaching others for Christ. We are presently collecting questions to email him as he prepares to meet with us via Skype. Moreover, I have been in conversation with Andy Hale who is the new church plant consultant for the Cooperate Baptist Fellowship. As a courtesy, I would like to copy him the questions that we will send Dr. Odom so he can get a good feel for where we are. He has shared initially with me some ideas on training that I think will be attractive to us. Andy is a high-energy guy with whom I feel our people will enjoy working. Currently, our leadership team is meeting periodically on Sunday nights to collect and organize our thoughts. We welcome your input.

Further, our Grady County Ministerial Alliance hosted a prayer breakfast for the leadership of our public school system this past Friday morning. The superintendent and several principals attended. When asked, "How can the churches help you?" The overwhelming response was, "Families. We need help with families. Families are falling apart, and it is affecting the learning ability of the children." In general, the Church is expected to guide the family unit to spiritual health and wholeness. Never before has there been a greater need for the Church to "step up" to give clear direction to our families. So, we have a lot on our plate as a Church, individually and collectively. These are challenging and exciting days. May the Lord find us faithful (Luke 18:8).

In Prayer,

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