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Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.


A team of four from our church attended a "Dawnings" retreat at Second Avenue Baptist Church in Rome, GA. This retreat took us back to the reason the church exists. Insightful reflecting was offered as "organic visioning". That is, why did Jesus begin the church and to what level do we identify and live out that purpose? Is our focus, as a church, the same as His?  "Dawnings" is about creating a space for God to work. It is about moving beyond head knowledge of God to living like Christ.

This retreat has challenged me to move beyond making my plans and asking God to bless them.  Instead I look to God in prayer, connect with Him, and listen to what He has to say. "Dawnings" taught us that we already have the answers that we need.  We just need to look at our situation in a different way to see them.

I have been reminded again of the power of thought directed by prayer. Being still and listening to God is a discipline that is amazingly important. If I invite God in, then He will show up.

"Dawnings" has taught me to start my prayers by listening rather than by speaking. "Dawnings" has lovingly challenged me to live out my passion in serving Christ. Practically speaking "Dawnings" is encouraging me to guide our church to re-enter the community in a fresh way. Some new ministry ideas have been offered which I am excited about sharing with our fellowship.

 "Build something new, because something new is needed." -Harry Rowland. 

"Spiritual vision is discovered before God-not invented by us."Dawnings literature

Looking unto the dawn,


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