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Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Looking Ahead!

The New Year stirs memories and dreams. When our children were small, we were returning to New Orleans after Christmas. New Year's resolutions were the topic of discussion when our four year old turned to his seven year old brother and asked, "Heaf, what is your New Year's revolution?" Not only could our four year old not pronounce his brother Heath's name correctly, but we laughed at his confusion between the words resolution and revolution. So, I explained the difference to him. After a while on the road, the children fell asleep, and I was left wandering, "What IS the difference between these words? If one follows through on one's resolution, then it most likely will cause a revolution in that person's life or even beyond!" As adults, our children remember that time and laugh. And after a time of kidding each other, the conversation always leads to deeper topics of setting goals and working to bring dreams into reality.

This January is a time for our church to begin to dream again. As some of our members attended the Dawnings conference during 2014, I was struck by a definition shared by one of its leaders. "Dawnings is a shift from a church-shaped vision to a God-shaped vision and shifting to how God wants to shape us."  As we seek God to shape us as well as His church, I believe that we will never rise above our level of praying. So, please begin to pray now for a significant event that we have in January: I will be meeting with the diaconate of The First Baptist Church of Tallahassee to explore the possibility of this church being our "mother church" or mission sponsor. Some amazing possibilities are before us!

In Diligent Prayer,



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