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Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

A New Home for Our Church Family!

Wow! We actually have a church building to meet in now. We had been looking at this building for several years, but did not pursue renting it. Finally, after one of our members drove by and realized that the building had been freshly painted, he decided to look into the possibility of us renting it.

Let me back up and give you a little history. A group of Methodist Christians built this building in 1840 close to the Tired Creek. So, they called themselves "The Tired Creek Methodist Church." In 1875, they relocated to the present site. This Methodist congregation flourished for many years. But as the cycle of many churches go, the membership declined and finally closed several years ago. The Woodman of the World bought the building around 1995 and began using it for their monthly meetings as well as renting it to groups for special occasions. They replaced the roof, air conditioned the building, did some rewiring and added a kitchen. As you can tell from some of the pictures, they left the church altar in its original place. Also, some of the original pews from the 1840 church are still there. The church building is simple but beautiful. To run one's hands over the kneeling rail at the altar and realize that you are putting your hand on something that was hand-made in 1840 for the purpose of people praying and caring all their burdens to the Lord leaves you with a sense of reverence.

So, we worked out a rental agreement and began worshiping at The Tired Creek United Methodist Church this Sunday past. We rededicated the building as a church and shared Holy Communion thus beginning our new journey at our new worship site. This is an exciting time as we explore the opportunities before our church family.

Living In His Presence,

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