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Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

"Comeback Player of the Year"

In 2009, professional baseball pitcher, Tim Hudson, was trying to pitch again for the Atlanta Braves after taking a year off to rehabilitate from major elbow surgery. Could he do it? Tim's wife Kim told him, "Just do the best you can and leave the rest to God." After much soul searching, and hard work,he returned to the team. The result: he was selected as comeback player of the year in 2010 after posting a 17-9 record.

Tim's story caused me to think of our work at Christchurch. We had set up three goals, about four years ago, around which to build our ministry. With limited success, we are going back to the "drawing board" to "rehabilitate" our ministry. We have invited Andy Hale, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church-plant consultant to walk with us. Since we had a team from our church attend the "Dawnings" conference, we are eligible to utilize their help as well in revisiting the best way(s) to connect with the people who are not attending church any where.  Presently, Andy has our leadership team reading three books to stimulate our thinking and creativity. Of course, living where we live puts us in a unique situation. All the more reason to solicit other minds to help us think through different ideas to reach the non-churched and utilize unique ways to connect with them. We are revisiting every possible avenue to put new wine into new wine skins. We have committed ourselves to do the best we can and leave the rest to God. Who knows... with these wonderful, insightful people working with us, we just might be voted "Comeback church of the year!"

Let's all invite some non-churched folks to our worship on Sunday afternoons and Bible Study on Tuesday nights and begin a relationship-building process and leave the rest to God. We can never tell what might happen if we just keep "putting the ball over the plate."

Praying Diligently,


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