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Feeding the Hungry

We are all painfully aware of the displaced people and families as a result of war and bad weather. People are going hungry to the point of starvation. As our Tuesday night Bible Study group was talking about this, we received an invitation from Ann Horne and her husband to help pack meals to feed the hungry children in these deprived areas. The Hornes have a ministry named “Kids Against Hunger.” They began this ministry about fifteen years ago and have enjoyed continued growth. In response to the crisis in Haiti, they recently sent several thousand meals to feed the hungry children there. Tracking their ministry, they have sent pallets of packed meals all over the world to keep children from starvation.

This past Tuesday night, our group eagerly accepted the Horne’s invitation to help pack meals for “Kids Against Hunger.” Six of our group worked for two hours and packed meals to feed 324 families. With October being World Hunger Month, we were glad to be a part of something significant to help those in need.  As we worked with Ann Tuesday night, I learned that each meal has the minimum daily requirements of nutrients and minerals. And, each meal cost 25 cents! So, for a quarter, I could feed a child for a day! How rewarding it was to know that we were helping a hungry child somewhere in the world.

James 2:15 has something to say about doing nothing to meet physical needs. It is very hard to listen to someone tell you about Jesus when you are hungry. First, feed them and then share the Good News! Then they can listen a lot better as well as believe that you genuinely care about them. So, Tuesday night, our group found rich meaning in showing our faith by our deeds.

Sharing the Bread of Life,

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