Christ Church Cairo

Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Making A Difference

Even though our mission-church family has been hard-hit by sickness and surgeries, our fifteen members were able to give $3,002.00 to the CFB Global Missions offering! I am so proud of our people who gave sacrificially. We are a mission-minded group of Christians who believe that we cannot out-give God.

We also believe that God is much more active in our lives than we suppose😊. One example of this happened not too long ago. I was busy getting ready to travel to Thomasville to visit the hospital when my phone kept ringing. My time-line kept getting tighter and tighter with every additional phone call. My frustration level began to rise when I realized that I was not going to make my personal time-lines that I had set for myself that morning. I was running late, and I did not like it! Finally, after several attempts, my wife and I finally got out the door and on the way to the hospital. As we were entering the elevator at the hospital, I looked up and saw a woman walking rapidly toward me waving her hand enthusiastically. I kept the elevator door open for the young woman to join us. As she walked closer, I recognized her! She was one of my “spiritual children” whom I had baptized when she was nine years old.  Now, she was grown and married and working in the medical profession at a large city several hours away. After we hugged, I asked her, “What are you doing here?” She responded, “I have been here with my grandmother. She is dying, and she was asking us to find you. We did not know how to get in touch with you; but here you are! How amazing!! I am on my way to my grandmother’s room. Can you come with me?” I said, “Of course!”  (even though we were there to visit several other families). We walked together to her grandmother’s room catching up with each other’s lives as we went.  All three of the grandmother’s children were in her room when I arrived. Tears were shed. When she was able to talk, the grandmother shared with me the reason that she had to see me before she died. The reasons were personal and confidential. (Sorry I can’t share it here). But it was a beautiful cleansing time spiritually.

After we left the hospital and were on the way home, I wife and I began laughing at our own shallowness about not realizing how God was working so I could run into this young lady; and thus, have their family prayer answered that they would find me in time. If I had left the house one minute sooner or one minute later, I would not have run into this granddaughter. This “elevator meeting” would not have happened.

So when things happen that throw us off our schedules, my wife and I just smile at each other and say, “I wonder what God is up to now?”

Praying for increased listenability,

Ron McCaskill, Pastor

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