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Christ Church in Cairo, Georgia is a new Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation.

Looking for the Extraordinary

Looking for the Extraordinary

I sense something about this young generation. While families have become fragile, integrity has declined and people are becoming more self-centered, this young generation is looking for the extraordinary. The first place they look is in the church. And having not found it, they are becoming discouraged; but they have not given up! A few churches are providing the extraordinary... an encounter with God... and those are the churches that are filling up with young people.  I spoke with a young husband recently, who was struggling to get his wife to attend church with him. Excitedly, he shared with me that his wife was attending church with him now, because, "She found what she was looking for!" he shared. He said further, "She feels connected with God there." And connecting with God is truly an extraordinary experience!
  The truth of the matter is, no matter what our age, we all are longing for that extraordinary experience of a holy connection with God. I think the difference in the generations is that people my age just give up and drop out. I feel this is the reason that we have more psychotropic drugs sold today, in America, than ever before. But wouldn't it be wonderful if we rediscovered the extraordinary in Jesus Christ!

Seminar Study of Revelation on February 22

 This is part of the reason why I have invited Dr. Tom Slater, Professor of Biblical Literature at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University to lead a seminar on the study of Revelation. Dr. Slater is a foremost authority on Revelation,and has some extraordinary insights. Regardless of age, we are all searching for the extraordinary. If you, or others in your friendship circle, are hungering for an encounter with God, then plan to be with us on 22 February. We will meet at The First Assembly of God building located at the corner of highway 188 and 12th Avenue NE. The exact physical address is 495 12th Avenue N.E. If you attend, then I feel that you will say what my young friend said about his wife, "She found what she was looking for!"

In His Service and Yours,


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